Push-Button Control Unit for Motorized Manipulators

Push-Button Control Unit for Motorized Manipulators

Push button control of standard motorized micromanipulators with a 0.5 micron resolution in all three axes.

  • Simple push button control
  • Designed for standard motorized micromanipulator
  • Both 'step' or continuous motion along all three axes
  • Spatial resolution of 0.5 µm per step
  • Eliminates nearly all mechanical gear backlash when changing directions

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Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
60-0604 Tool Holder, pkg. of 3
69-1066 10 mm Rod Clamp, for use with Magnetic Bases
69-1067 12 mm Rod Clamp, for use with Magnetic Bases
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This push-button controller can drive the standard motorized micromanipulator one-step at a time, or continually. The smallest single-step can be set at app. 0.5 microns. This controller nearly eliminates all backlash caused by mechanical gears when changing direction. A remote control for this device is also obtainable.

The standard motorized model micromanipulator offers the possibility of manual operation of all three axes, or electronic controlled travel in combination with a controller. Since this micromanipulator can be driven electronically, the fine positioning of the electrode even in sub-micron areas, is very smooth and possible without the interference of electronic noise.

Movement, forward or back, in each of three axes is controlled by six push buttons. The amount of time the button is depressed determines the type of movement that occurs. By pressing a button for less than 1 second, a 'step' movement is provided. Pressing the button for more than 1 second activates continuous movement until the button is released.

This control unit has two control knobs: one for 'step' size and one for continuous motion speed. The 'Step' size knob ranges from 0.5 to 10 microns graduated in 0.5 micron increments. The continuous motion knob provides speeds up to 0.2 mm/sec. The 'step' size and speed are equal for all three axes. Backlash on reversing directions has been essentially eliminated with this control unit. At each reversal an additional current pulse compensates almost completely for gear/spindle slack. This is particularly important in the step mode as it eliminates 'dead steps' when the motor turns but the micromanipulator does not move. For use on either 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.