PowerVar Ground Guard Isolation Transformers

PowerVar Ground Guard Isolation Transformers

The PowerVar is an ideal solution for any environment where the power is either noisy or unstable.

  • Prevents electrical noise interference, hardware destruction, and operational disruption
  • Patented Ground-Guard conditioning circuitry eliminates ground loops
  • Flashing LED if AC outlet is missing its input safety ground
  • Pass-through voltage is <10 V normal mode and <0.5 V neutral to ground(meets ANSI/EEE C62.41 standards)
  • Safety agency listed.

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The PowerVar is an ideal solution for any environment where the power is either noisy or unstable.

PowerVar Ground Guard conditioners provide protection beyond those of traditional power conditioning products. For example, these units incorporate filter elements within the safety ground circuit to prevent the formation of ground loops, common in many research applications, that can produce significant signal degradation.

This ground conditioning feature, combined with a high energy surge diverter and a power line filter, completely eliminates the need for dedicated external electrical circuits and isolated ground wiring in the building.

The PowerVar Ground Guard technology carries six U.S. and international patents.

PowerVar diagram

Why this technology?

It seems that almost every power protection device on the market today claims to be a power conditioner. But what makes a good conditioner? The correct answer largely depends on the quality requirements of the device being powered.

A system using a linear power supply can have a built-in isolation transformer, but may be sensitive to voltage fluctuations. These systems usually also need some type of surge diverter and voltage regulator.

However, most modern electronic devices use switched-mode power supplies (SMPS). These power supplies are largely immune to changes in power line voltage, but in the interest of making the supply smaller, more efficient and cheaper, the isolation transformer is eliminated from the design.

As such, systems using a switched-mode power supply will require, at a minimum, a surge diverter, a noise filter, and an isolation transformer.

The Powervar Isolation Transformer provides these three services in a small, convenient package. Just plug your Workstation into the device and you're power circuit is completely isolated from the external world.

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