Pod Expander

Pod Expander

Pod Expander

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77-0036 Pod Expander, Model ML305
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The Pod Expander is a front-end device designed to allow up to four Pod devices to connect to any MacLab or PowerLab that does not have Pod ports. The Pod Expander provides the same "hot plug ability" as that of the PowerLab systems that have built-in Pod ports. It is compatible with the full range of ADInstruments Pods.

System Compatibility:
The Pod Expander connects to PowerLab or MacLab hardware units in the same way as a conventional ADInstruments Front-end. The Pod Expander connects both to the I²C expansion bus and up to 4 of the analog inputs of the MacLab or PowerLab. The following versions of LabChart and Scope software are required for the Pod Expander and Pod support:

• LabChart v3.4.8 or later
• Scope v3.6.3 or later

• LabChart v3.6.3 or later
• Scope v3.6.3 or later

Note: Earlier software versions do not support Pods.

Some early models of MacLab/4S, /8S and /16S systems along with PowerLab/4S, /8S and/16S systems manufactured before December 1997 do not support the operation of the Pod Expander. The software listed above will generate an appropriate message dialog if this is the case. If you should see this error message or are having trouble getting the Pod Expander to work then call your ADInstruments representative.

Theory of Operation:
The Pod Expander allows the addition of up to four Pod devices to a MacLab or PowerLab hardware unit that has no built in Pod support. The Pod Expander gets its power and control from the I²C expansion port on the rear of the MacLab or PowerLab. The Pod Expander reserves four I²C front-end locations for the four Pod channels and provides the necessary switching and power distribution for each Pod. The PowerLab software will periodically scan each Pod input on the Pod Expander to see if a Pod is attached. If it finds one, the Pod will be installed on that channel.