Picoliter Injection/Micromanipulator System (PLS-2)

Picoliter Injection/Micromanipulator System (PLS-2)

The PLS-2 Pico Injection/Micromanipulator System combines our popular PLI-100A picoliter injector, motorized micromanipulator, and magnetic base into a single package.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-1736 Model PLI-100A Plus Picoinjector with injection, balance, clear, filling and holding pressures. Comes with input hose, output hose, holding hose, foot switch, pipette holder, and input hose adapter.
64-0060 MB/B Magnetic Base
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System Includes

PLI-100A Pico-Injector
Right-handed motorized micromanipulator
Push button control for motorized manipulator
MBB Magnetic base  

The PLI-100A PicoInjector delivers a wide range of volumes through micropipettes by applying a tightly regulated pressure for a set period of time. The system features 5 pressures: Inject, Balance, Clear, Fill and Hold. The injector comes complete with input and output hoses, foot switch, and a pipette holder.

Precise and convenient movement of the electrode is provided by our three axis motorized micromanipulator and push button controller. This micromanipulator features a hands free spacial resolution of 0.5 um which enables positioning in the sub-micron range. A flexible motor coupling ensures no probe vibration during movement.

The MB/B magnetic base provides a 15N holding force and is a convenient holding device for the micromanipulator.