Ex Vivo Perfusion

PS-1 - Perfusion System for Ex Vivo Rodent Organs (such as Liver and Kidney) The PS-1 system is an optimized version of the UP-100 when only ex vivo perfusion using a moist --> Learn More
UP100-EX - Universal Perfusion System Adaption for Ex Vivo Rodent Organ Perfusion (such as Liver and Kidney) The UP-100 is a multi purpose perfusion system best utilized when different types of organs must --> Learn More
IPR - Perfusion Bath System for Ileum Peristaltic Reflex Studies This tissue bath has been designed for studying the peristaltic reflex in the guinea-pig ileum. --> Learn More
Perfusion System for Ex Vivo Small Pig or Dog Organs (such as Liver and Kidney) Basic System The pig liver to be perfused is placed in a moist, thermostated chamber and --> Learn More
Isolated Perfused Rodent Mesenteric Bed System The rat hind leg and the rabbit ear are conventional preparations for investigating the tone of --> Learn More
Perfusion Bath for Tubular Organs (PBTO) Designed for studying perfused tubular organs such as trachea, blood vessels, intestines and --> Learn More

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