Ex Vivo Perfusion

PS-1 - Perfusion System for Ex Vivo Rodent Organs (such as Liver and Kidney) The PS-1 system is an optimized version of the UP-100 when only ex vivo perfusion using a moist --> Learn More
UP100-EX - Universal Perfusion System Adaption for Ex Vivo Rodent Organ Perfusion (such as Liver and Kidney) The UP-100 is a multi purpose perfusion system best utilized when different types of organs must --> Learn More
IPR - Perfusion Bath System for Ileum Peristaltic Reflex Studies This tissue bath has been designed for studying the peristaltic reflex in the guinea-pig ileum. --> Learn More
Perfusion System for Ex Vivo Small Pig or Dog Organs (such as Liver and Kidney) Basic System The pig liver to be perfused is placed in a moist, thermostated chamber and --> Learn More
PBTO - Intraluminal and Extraluminal Perfusion Bath System for Tubular Organs (such as Intestine and Blood Vessels) This Tissue Bath has been designed for the studying of perfused tubular organs such as trachea, --> Learn More
Isolated Perfused Rodent Mesenteric Bed System The rat hind leg and the rabbit ear are conventional preparations for investigating the tone of --> Learn More

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