pH Amplifier Accessories The FE165 pH Amp may be used with either combination electrodes or electrodes with a separate --> Learn More
Dual Bio Amplifier Accessories The Dual Bio Amp is suitable for applications including EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG, sensory nerve action --> Learn More
Bio Amplifier Accessories The FE132 Bio Amp is a fully isolated, high performance differential amplifier with filter --> Learn More
Spirometer Accessories The FE141 Spirometer is a precision differential pressure amplifier for measurements of --> Learn More
Bridge Amplifier Accessories The FE221, FE224 and FE228 Bridge Amps are designed to allow the PowerLab to connect to most DC --> Learn More
Octal Bio Amplifier Accessories The ML138 Octal Bio Amp is an electrically isolated, (designed to meet IEC60601-1), --> Learn More

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