Transducers and Accessories

Reusable ECG Electrodes The ECG Clamp Electrodes pack contains three reusable clamp electrodes which can be attached to --> Learn More
EEG Flat Electrodes The MLAWBT9 is a set of 5 Flat EEG Electrodes - gold plated, hat-shaped, disk recording --> Learn More
Plethymographs The IR Plethysmographs use an infrared photoelectric sensor to detect changes in tissue blood --> Learn More
Shielded Lead Wires (5 snap on) Shielded Lead Wires (MLA2505, 5 pack) are suitable for use with Shielded Bio Amp Cables (MLA2340 --> Learn More
MRI Compatible Finger Electrodes (5m) MRI compatible, bipolar finger electrodes for measuring galvanic skin response. The --> Learn More
Rectal Thermocouple Probe for Mice The MLT1404 Rectal Probe for Mice is also suitable for small animals such as hamsters or rat --> Learn More
Rectal Thermocouple Probe for Large Animals The MLT1407 Large Animal Rectal Probe is suitable for use with rabbits and larger animals. The --> Learn More
T-Type Implantable Thermocouple Probe The MLT1401 T-type Implantable Thermocouple is a flexible microprobe for temperature --> Learn More
General Purpose Thermocouple Probe The MLT1400 General Purpose Thermocouple Probe can be used to measure temperature in liquids, --> Learn More
T-Type Ultra Fast Thermocouple Probe The MLT1402 T-type Ultra Fast Thermocouple Probe is a tissue implantable microprobe with an --> Learn More

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