Option VCMP 73-4279

Option VCMP 73-4279

Negative Pressure Ventilator Controller with Pump to Core IPL-1 & 2

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
73-1741 Ventilation Control Module (VCM-P); uses Integral Pump
73-1750 Timer Counter Module (TCM)
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Negative Pressure Ventilation Controllerwith Pump to Core IPL-1 & 2

Choose this ventilation option when performing standard positive- and negative-pressure ventilation studies.

Features & benefits

  • VCM Modules allow for the physiological negativepressure ventilation of the lung- 
    • 30-100 breaths per minute
    • I:E ratio can be set between 10 & 90%in 10% steps
    • End-inspiratory, End-expiratory, sigh andnegative pressures can be individually set
  • TCM Timer Counter Module allows periodicsigh (hyperinflation) breaths to minimize edema formation
Count Mode‘INSP. CYCLE’: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. 70. 80 (%)Deep inspiration is produced after predetermined number of respiratory cycles of VCM. Respiration cycles are counted down on presetting counter inside TCM;
Count Mode Continued‘RATE’: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 (min-1)when zero is reached, VCM is triggered to perform deep inspiration cycle and counter automatically resets to preset value
Input and Output Trigger Signals0 to 4 I/min (no back pressure)Connections made via jumpers to trigger lines of 96-pin VG connector from internal PLUGSYS system bus
PLUGSYS Width*DIN 41612, 96-pin VG1 slot unit
Power Supply100 to 5 mmHg electronically controlled5 V, 350 mA through connector from PLUGSYS bus system
Preset5 slot unitsTime or event presetting is selected on two digit thumbwheel switch (00-99) mounted on front panel; time or count range can be altered with switch SEC/MIN or x1/x10 to select appropriate factor
Time Mode5 V 0.4 A, 24 V 0.4 A through connector from PLUGSYS bus systemDeep inspiration is produced at predetermined time intervals. Quartz-controlled timer inside TCM runs down from set time to ‘00’ and then resets counter back to selected value;
Time Mode ContinuedDEEP INSP. OUT (output TTL level open collector)
EXP./INSP. OUT (output TTL level open collector)
DEEP INSP. IN (input TTL load resistance 2.2 kOhm)
when ‘00’ is reached, VCM is triggered to perform deep inspiration cycle
Warning Function[inspiration = low level] / [expiration = high level] TTL level (open collector)TCM incorporates warning function which announces next triggering operation; announcement activated when internal timer or counter counts last 10 seconds or respiratory cycles; function is indicated visually on LED and audibly by built-in loudspeaker.
Warning Function ContinuedPurpose of facility is to remind user that deep inspiration is coming shortly. This can be inhibited by pressing ‘SKIP NEXT’ key, if desired to avoid interference with any measurement during experiment