Stereotaxic Accessories

Gas Anesthesia Mask Adaptors The Gas Anesthesia Mask Adaptors for Stereotaxic instruments enable gas anesthesia --> Learn More
Stereotaxic Centering Stand The Centering Stand allows centering of probes to ear bar zero away from the animal before --> Learn More
A/P Microdrive for Large Animal Stereotaxic Frames The optional Anterior/Posterior Microdrive provides fine movement control in the --> Learn More
Adjustable Stage for Stereotaxic Frames This adjustable stage attaches to the base plate of a stereotaxic instrument for additional --> Learn More
Gas Anesthesia Platform for Mice for Stereotaxic Frames This Gas Anesthesia Platform and Mask for mice provides precise and secure --> Learn More
Stereomicroscope Kit The kit enables a stereomicroscope to be positioned above the animal without contacting --> Learn More
Mouse/Neonatal Rat Stereotaxic Adaptors (Cunningham™) The Cunningham™ Mouse and Neonatal Rat Adaptor, manufactured by Stoelting, employs light, --> Learn More
Spinal Stereotaxic Adaptors (Cunningham™) This instrument is a practical, versatile, and economical instrument for reliably stabilizing --> Learn More

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