Species Adaptors

Mouse/Neonatal Rat Stereotaxic Adaptors (Cunningham™) The Cunningham™ Mouse and Neonatal Rat Adaptor, manufactured by Stoelting, employs light, --> Learn More
Mouse Stereotaxic Adaptors Ear bars can cause breathing difficulties and bleeding in mice. The 51624 Mouse Adaptor --> Learn More
Rat Stereotaxic Adaptors The Rat Adaptor includes the nose clamp assembly and ear bars. It is an optional --> Learn More
Guinea Pig Stereotaxic Adaptors The 51622/51822 Guinea Pig Adaptors include nose clamp assembly and the 45° ear bars --> Learn More
Small Bird Stereotaxic Adaptors ,The Small Bird Adaptors include nose clamp assembly and 45° ear bars required for --> Learn More
Cat/Monkey Stereotaxic Adaptors The Cat/Monkey Adaptor for the 51600 (optional) includes spacers and bolts to raise the --> Learn More
Dog/Monkey Stereotaxic Adaptors The Dog/Monkey Adaptor is available only for the 51800 Series stereotaxic --> Learn More

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