Modular Syringe Holder, MSH Series

Modular Syringe Holder, MSH Series

The MSH modular syringe holder system offers users the ability to assemble a family of differently sized syringes into a single apparatus.

  • Fits 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, and 140 cc syringes
  • Modular design
  • Expandable

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
64-0145 Model MSH/5M Syringe Base Mount, 5 cc
64-0146 Model MSH/10M Syringe Base Mount, 10 cc
64-0147 Model MSH/20M Syringe Base Mount, 20 cc
64-0148 Model MSH/30M Syringe Base Mount, 30 cc
64-0149 Model MSH/60M Syringe Base Mount, 60 cc
64-0150 Model MSH/140M Syringe Base Mount, 140 cc
64-0162 Model RS-1 Ring Stand
64-0151 Model MSH/5 Syringe Add-On, 5 cc
64-0152 Model MSH/10 Syringe Add-On, 10 cc
64-0153 Model MSH/20 Syringe Add-On, 20 cc
64-0154 Model MSH/30 Syringe Add-On, 30 cc
64-0155 Model MSH/60 Syringe Add-On, 60 cc
64-0156 Model MSH/140 Syringe Add-On, 140 cc
59-8377 Becton Dickinson syringe, 3 cc, 100 per box
59-8378 Becton Dickinson syringe, 5 cc, 100 per box
59-8379 Becton Dickinson syringe, 10 cc, 100 per box
59-8380 Becton Dickinson syringe, 20 cc, 40 per box
59-8381 Becton Dickinson syringe, 30 cc, 30 per box
59-8382 Becton Dickinson syringe, 60 cc, 40 per box
72-2399 140 ml Sterile Monoject® Plastic Syringe without Needle, Luer Lock Tip, case of 20
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The MSH Modular Syringe Holder System consists of a single syringe base mount that is coupled with add-on holders. The base mount has a primary hole that holds the first syringe. In addition to the primary hole, it also has a secondary hole that permits the unit to mount onto an upright rod or support stand. Allowed rod diameters range from 3/8' to 5/8".

This modular syringe holder system offers users the ability to assemble a family of differently sized syringes into a single apparatus. Warner offers a full range of add-on holders to fit every application. Made from high quality Delrin
and 316 stainless steel; this system assures excellent protection from most harmful chemicals.

Both holes have a thumbscrew that tightens so that the rod or syringe is
held securely in place. Additional add-on syringe holders can then be
mounted onto either side of the base mount by simply snapping the
add-on onto the side of the Base Mount. Multiple Add-On Holders can
used and various sizes may be intermixed.

Assembled Modular Syringe Holder MSH
Close up of MSH syringe holes


Syringe Size Metric5 cc10 cc20 cc30 cc60 cc140 cc5 cc10 cc20 cc30 cc60 cc140 cc