CMA Microdialysis Model 402 The CMA 402 Syringe Pump is a compact, flexible, dual syringe pump designed for low --> Learn More
CMA Microdialysis Model 4004 The CMA 4004 Touch Screen Syringe Pump is a totally new design that is easy-to-use and can --> Learn More
CMA Liquid Switch The CMA 110 Liquid Switch permits manual switching between up to three perfusion lines --> Learn More
CMA 142 Microfraction Collector The CMA 142 Microfraction Collector is a unique, stand-alone instrument dedicated for --> Learn More
CMA 470 Refrigerated Microfraction Collector The CMA 470 Refrigerated Fraction Collector is specifically designed to collect microliter --> Learn More
CMA 120 System for Freely Moving Animals The CMA 120 System for Freely Moving Animals enables microdialysis studies on conscious, small --> Learn More
CMA 130 In Vitro Stand The CMA 130 In Vitro Stand is used for storage and during testing of microdialysis probes. --> Learn More

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