P E RI STA LTIC PUM P S Pump Head 380AD PERISTALTIC PUMPS Single-Channel Pump Head 380AD 380AD Pump Head Specifications PUMP HEAD CHANNELS PUMP ROLLERS FLOW RATES BACK PRESSURE 380AD 1 3 0.41 to 3600 ml/min 1.5 bar (22 PSI) maximum with 1.6 mm wall thickness tubing 2.5 bar (36 PSI) maximum with 2.4 mm wall thickness tubing TUBING TYPE TUBING ID Standard Tubing 0.8 to 11.1 mm; 4.8 to 6.4 mm Pump Head 380AD KEY FEATURES Installs rapidly Easily interchanged with other MCP/BVP pump heads Ideal for chemical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications Suitable for viscous fluids and fluids containing a high content of sensitive solids Applications requiring hygienic conditions, durability and reliability This pump head features 3 convex rollers revolving in a concave tube bed which allows cells or particles to escape through a gap towards tubing wall to minimize damage. It is ideal for inoculating or harvesting mammalian cells. TUBING WALL THICKNESS 1.6 mm or 2.4 mm 380AD Pump Head Using Standard Tubing Flow Rates FLOW RATES, ML/MIN Tubing ID 1.6 mm 3.2 mm 4.8 mm 6.4 mm 8.0 mm 9.5 mm 11.1 mm 4.8 mm 6.4 mm Wall Thickness 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 2.4 mm 2.4 mm Minimum 0.41 1.5 3.4 6.2 9.5 13 15 3.4 6.2 Maximum 99 370 830 1,500 2,300 3,000 3,600 830 1,500 Adjustable Pump Rollers On this pump head, the 3 convex rollers can be adjusted and pressed symmetrically against the concave tube bed, enabling the use of pump tubing with various wall thicknesses. Adjustable roller pressure accommodates wide range of tubing durometers (stiffness). Very simple tube loading. This pump head accepts tubing with different diameters and wall thicknesses with ease. Thanks to the adjustable pump rollers, this is an ideal pump head for media with high viscosity, or with a certain level of solid content. *Note: Approximate values: determined with water at 22°C, no differential pressure, with Tygon® Tubing Order # PC4 73-3026 Product 380AD Single-Channel Pump Head for MCP/BVP Pump Drives Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 fax 508.429.5732 www.harvardapparatus.com 73