P E RI STA LTIC PUM P S BVP Pump Drive PERISTALTIC PUMPS BVP Pump Drive BVP Pump Drive Specifications MODEL SPEED BACK PRESSURE MAINS CONNECTION POWER CONSUMPTION ANALOG INTERFACE DIGITAL INPUT (TTL LEVEL) BVP pump drive only, pump head must be purchased separately 2.4 to 240 rpm, adjustable in 0.1 % steps 1.5 bar maximum (22 PSI) 115 VAC (50/60 Hz) or 230 VAC (50/60 Hz) 100 W maximum Speed control 0–5 V or 0–10 V respectively 0–20 mA or 4–20 mA Flow direction, start/stop IP 30 EN 50082-1 EN 55022, Class B 0° to 40 °C (normal environmental conditions) 260 x 155 x 220 mm (9.8 x 6.1 x 8.7 in) without pump-head 5.7 kg (12.6 lbs) KEY FEATURES Smooth operation at a low noise level Robust drive for long-term operations Small footprint, 2 drives are stackable 3 digit potentiometer speed selector, adjustable in 0.1% steps, 1 to 99% MAX-Switch (e.g. for priming of the tubing system) Switchable flow direction for clockwise and counter-clockwise operation Suitable pump for SCP controller, part of the universal servo control perfusion system The BVP pump drive is very robust and designed for continuous operation. It is equipped with a 3 digit potentiometer speed selector and an analog interface. Pump Head must be purchased separately. A wide selection of pump heads with single or multi-channel capabilities are available for the BVP pump drive. See pages 72 to 75. Pump heads can be rapidly interchanged so that a single pump drive with multi-heads can fulfill a diverse range of pumping applications. The following table lists the single and multi-channel pump head options for the MCP/BVP drives with page references to the available tubing. PROTECTION RATING ELECTRO MAGNETIC IMMUNITY ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION OPERATING CONDITIONS DIMENSIONS, H x W x D WEIGHT Order # PC4 73-3028* PC4 73-3027* PC4 73-3049 PC4 73-3035 PC4 73-3119 PC4 73-3120 PC4 73-3121 PC4 73-3122 PC4 73-3031 PC4 73-3036 PC4 73-3037 PC4 73-3040 PC4 73-3030 PC4 73-3038 PC4 73-3033 Product BVP Pump Drive, 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz BVP Pump Drive, 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz Foot Switch for BVP Pump Drive Single Channel Pump Head, see pages 72 and 73 380AD PRO-280 PRO-380 PRO-281 PRO-381 Multi-Channel Pump Head, see pages 74 to 76 CA-4 CA-8 CA-12 SB (Requires Tube Bed Set) MS3 MS/CA4-12 MS/CA8-6 * Pump head must be purchased separately. Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 fax 508.429.5732 www.harvardapparatus.com 71