PERI ST ALTIC PUMP S Harvard/Instech Model 720 Compact Peristaltic Pumps and Tubing The pump is typically powered by a 1.25 V internal reference voltage. An external reference voltage can be used to regulate flow rate and direction (pump direction can only be reversed by analog control). Under external control the speed dials serve as voltage attenuators to limit the external voltage to ±1.25 volts. Tube sets must be purchased separately. Please see our website or contact technical support if you need assistance choosing the right tube set. For use with saline and most drugs, use silicone tubing. For use with solutions containing fats, such as IV diets, use C-FLEX® tubing. For use with petroleum-based fluids, use VITON® tubing. PERISTALTIC PUMPS Instech Model 720 62 Model 720 Specifications ACCURACY REPEATABILITY FLOW CONTROL RANGE POWER SOURCE DIMENSIONS, H x W x D WEIGHT VOLTAGE RANGE ±5% ±3% 20:1 Universal 15 VDC 1A adapter, 2.5 mm male plug & tip 6.4 x 5.7 x 10.2 cm (2.5 x 2.3 x 4 in) 375 g (1 lbs) Universal input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz KEY FEATURES Continuous infusion Battery back-up (30 hrs) Compact pump Minimal electromagnetic radiation The Instech Model 720 Compact Peristaltic Pumps are a stand-alone pump series with flow rates of 0.2 µl/min to 18 ml/min (0.04 to 1100 ml/hr) depending upon the pump and tubing selected. These pumps deliver the accurate low flow rates of syringe pumps without the limits on delivered volume. They are ideal for animal IV infusion, tissue perfusion, and other low-flow laboratory applications. Instech offers this pump with four different motors; choose the motor and tube set that best match your flow rate requirements. In general, use the standard PC4 61-0098 for flows between 0.05 and 1 ml/min, the lower flow PC4 72-4048 for rates between 5 and 100 µl/min, the ultra low flow PC4 72-4049 for rates as low as 0.2 µl/min, and then the higher-flow PC4 72-0001 for rates up to 18 ml/min (1 l/hr). With a given tube set, the pump performs best over a 10:1 flow control range. The pump’s analog circuitry has been carefully designed to minimize electromagnetic radiation; for this reason, the pump is often used for tissue perfusion even in the presence of sensitive intracellular recordings. It is also an ideal pump for applications which require limited size or weight, the versatility of single and dual tubes sets and/ or external analog control. An internal 9V lithium battery (supplied with PC4 61-0098, PC4 72-4048 and PC4 72-4049) will run the pump for up to 30 hours, protecting your experiment in the event of a power failure. Due to its power requirements, the high flow version (PC4 72-0001) is not available with battery backup. **Tube sets are not supplied with the pump. They must be purchased separately. Tube Sets A wide variety of tube sizes, tube materials and connector types allows you to tailor your peristaltic pump to your particular application. Tube sets typically last about one month under continuous operation. Dual channel tube sets place more stress on the pump than do single channel tube sets, which may shorten the life of your pump’s motor. Silicone Tubing Sets Order # PC4 61-0241 PC4 61-0242 PC4 61-0243 PC4 61-0244 PC4 61-0245 Product 1-Ch, Female Luer to 22 ga, pkg. of 5 1-Ch, Female Luer to 20 ga, pkg. of 5 1-Ch, 0.062” ID Barbs, 0.8 ml/hr, pkg. of 5 1-Ch, 0.062” ID Barbs, 5 ml/hr, pkg. of 5 2-Ch, 0.062” ID Barbs, 3 ml/hr, pkg. of 5 Flow Rate Ranges ORDER # Tube ID 0.015” 0.020” 0.031” 0.062” 0.093” Harvard Apparatus PC4 72-4049 0.2 - 2.2 µl/min 0.4 - 4.6 µl/min 0.9 - 8.7 µl/min 3 - 30 µl/min 6 - 58 µl/min phone 508.893.8999 ORDER # PC4 72-4048 0.8 – 7.5 µl/min 1.6 - 16 µl/min 3 - 30 µl/min 10 - 100 µl/min 20 - 200 µl/min toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 ORDER # PC4 61-0098 8 - 83 µl/min 18 - 180 µl/min 35 - 350 µl/min 125 - 1,250 µl/min 240 - 2,400 µl/min fax 508.429.5732 ORDER # PC4 72-0001 70 - 700 µl/min 0.15 - 1.5 ml/min 0.3 – 2.8 ml/min 0.9 – 9 ml/min 1.8 - 18 ml/min