SYRI NG E PUMP A CC E S S O R IE S Pressure Transducers for PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump Transducer Amplifier Module (TAM-A and TAM-D) APT300 Blood Pressure Transducer SYRINGE PUMP ACCESSORIES Pressure Transducers for PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump 42 The Transducer Amplifier Module is a DC amplifier with bridge. It is used to amplify signals from transducers that are based on a resistive Wheatstone bridge. Transducers with a built-in preamplifier can also be connected. The TAM series amplifies the signal to a 0-10 V range making it ideal for use with the CP Pump series, which operates best with a full 0-10 V input range. As they are modular, a power supply case needs to be chosen. Cases are available that hold up to 2, 5, or 10 TAM modules. Choose from two: TAM-A (analog) and TAM-D (digital). The TAM-A is equipped with an analog LED bar graph signal indicator and is best suited for applications which require the monitoring of dynamic signals/phasic waveforms (e.g. blood pressure). The TAM-D has a digital numeric display and is best suited for applications with slowly changing signals, e.g. perfusion pressure, isometric or isotonic contractions, or intracranial pressures. For applications involving the CP Pump, the TAM-D is the appropriate choice. We have a range of transducers that interface directly with the TAM amplifiers. The APT300 transducer is an inexpensive pressure transducer which can be used to measure arterial blood pressures in all species, even on mice with a high heart rate. It can be used for measurement of arterial pressure in vivo as well as for perfusion pressures in isolated perfused organs such as heart or kidney. It can also be used to measure isovolumetric left ventricular (using a balloon) pressures in isolated hearts from mice up to rabbits or pigs. The transducer consists of a contact plate with cable and the exchangeable transducer head, which can easily be replaced. Contact plates with cables for different amplifier types are available. APT300 Blood Pressure Transducer Specifications OPERATING PRESSURE OVERPRESSURE SENSITIVITY ZERO DRIFT ZERO OFFSET EXCITATION VOLTAGE ISOLATION AGAINST FLUID OPERATING TEMPERATURE STORAGE TEMPERATURE VOLUME DISPLACEMENT OUTPUT IMPEDANCE FREQUENCY RESPONSE CABLE LENGTH -300 to 300 mmHg 4,000 mmHg 5 µV/V/mmHg (±1%) Transducer Amplifier Module Specifications TRANSDUCER INPUT 6-pin socket with screw lock (binder, Amphenol Tuchel) Differential input circuit, input impedance 1010 Ω TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT < 0.1% /°C < 0.2 mmHg /°C < 25 mmHg 2 – 15 V DC (or AC up to 5kHz) > 5,000 V 15° to 40°C -25° to 70°C < 0.04 mm3/100 mmHg 356 Ohm ±1% > 1 KHz 3 m (9.8 ft) GAIN SIGNAL OUTPUT Selectable Ranges by Internal Jumper: 0.2 to 10, 0.4 to 20, 1 to 50, 2 to 100, 4 to 500, 20 to 1,000, 100 to 5,000, 200-10000. Fine Adjustment Through 10-Turn Trimmer a) On front panel through BNC socket ±10 V pulsatile filtered or mean signal output internally selectable b) Through bus connector to PLUGSYS measuring system through links ±10 V pulsatile filtered and mean signal voltage a) Selectable by switch on front panel for pulsatile output signal: 30, 100, 300 Hz b) Selectable by internal jumper for mean output signal: 0.1, 0.3 Hz Selectable by switch on front panel: a) 0 V output signal with switch in position ‘0’ b) Positive or negative calibration output voltage adjustable with 10-turn trimmer if switch is in position ‘CAL’ 2 slot units OUTPUT LOW-PASS FILTER ELECTRICAL CALIBRATION Order # PC4 73-3862 PC4 73-3869 PC4 73-0500 PC4 73-4140 PC4 73-4479 Product APT300 Pressure Transducer for PLUGSYS TAM Amplifier Holder for APT300 Transducer, 8 mm Rod, Length 75 mm (3 in) Lab Stand with Triangular Base Plate with 30 cm (11.8 in) Rod Lab Stand with Triangluar Base Plate with 16 cm (6.3 in) Rod Manual Pressure Calibration Kit, Range 0 to 300 mmHg PLUGSYS WIDTH Order # PC4 73-0065 PC4 73-1793 PC4 73-1523 Product Transducer Amplifier Module TAM-A Transducer Amplifier Module TAM-D PLUGSYS Minicase, Type 609 phone 508.893.8999 Harvard Apparatus toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 fax 508.429.5732