Syringe Pump Software FlowControl™ Software SYRINGE PUMP SOFTWARE FlowControl™ Software Pump Graph In addition to the run time execution information in the Method Execution window, FlowControl™ allows you to graphically monitor the real flow progress of each independent pump in the Method Progress window. The Method Progress screen displays all of the pumping parameters for the individual pump in an easy to read format. This allows you to monitor infuse and refill rates and volume dispensed. KEY FEATURES Single or multiple pump control Easily create simple Methods or more advanced multi-step Methods Run multiple pumps in a chain or via USB hub Displays all of the pump operating parameters Control the same or different pump models Graphically track pump progress Printable data log FlowControl™ is an easy to use software program that is run on your PC. It is designed to work with key Harvard Apparatus Syringe Pumps that have an RS-232 or USB serial input including: PHD ULTRA™ Series and Pump 11 Elite Series of pumps. Data Log FlowControl™ creates a data log that tracks the activity of your pump based on a specific Method. When a data log is created three different files are generated with the same name but different extensions; excel report (*.xls), bitmap report (*.bmp) and experimental notes (*.txt). The bitmap report shows a screen shot of the pump flow evolution chart from the Method Progress window. Experimental Notes are notes typed in the Method Progress window by the user. The Excel report provides details about the Method parameters. FlowControl™ Specifications COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 1GHz Pentium® processor or higher, 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended) Windows XP, 7 Single or Multiple Pump Control FlowControl™ has the ability to control single or multiple pumps. Multiple pumps are controlled in a daisy chain or via USB hub. The number of pumps allowed in a daisy chain is dependent upon the model. Individual syringe pumps can be controlled by entering syringe data, flow rate and choosing a flow direction (infusion or withdrawal). Flow rate and flow direction can be changed while the pump is running. FlowControl™ allows you to create, review, edit, save, recall and download Methods. You can create simple to complex Methods to control one or more pumps individually or simultaneously. Order # PC4 70-6000 Product FlowControl™ Software Pump Status The pump configuration screen tells you the status of all defined pumps. If the light is green, the pump is ready. If the light is gray the pump is off line. If the light is red the software is detecting the wrong pump requiring you to check your connection. Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 fax 508.429.5732 39