Syringe Pumps PHD 22/2000 Advanced Syringe Pumps PHD 22/2000 Infusion/Withdrawal with Standard 2-Syringe-Rack PHD 22/2000 Push/Pull Syringe Pump SYRINGE PUMPS PHD 22/2000 Advanced Syringe Pumps 30 PHD 22/2000 Infusion Only with Standard 2-Syringe Rack PHD 22/2000 Infusion/Withdrawal with 6/10 Multi-Rack PC4 61-0270 Continuous Flow Tubing Segment KEY FEATURES High accuracy and precision Multiple configuration available Smooth flow over a wide flow rate range Multi-syringe racks for large capacity reservoir Legendary reliability – 2 year warranty Syringe Racks (continued) • • • • The standard 2-syringe rack holds 2 syringes from 0.5 µl or 140 ml The 4 x 140 multi-rack holds four 60 ml or 140 ml plastic syringes only 6/10 multi-rack will hold up to 10 syringes from 0.5 µl to 20 ml and up to 6 syringes from 30 ml to 60 ml The microliter syringe rack independently holds 4 microliter syringes, from 0.5 µl to 10 ml, enabling syringes of different sizes to run simultaneously APPLICATIONS Drug/Nutritional Delivery Electrospinning Microfluidics/Nanofluidics Mass Spec Calibration PHD 22/2000 Specifications TYPE Microprocessor, multiple syringe, infusion only, infusion/withdrawal or infusion/withdrawal programmable ±0.35% ±0.05% ACCURACY Over forty years ago Harvard Apparatus perfected the leadscrew principle and created the first syringe pump. Since that time, tens of thousands of Harvard Apparatus pumps have earned a reputation as the most reliable research pumps in every major laboratory in the World. The PHD 22/2000 syringe pump series gives you the lowest flow rates, the highest accuracy, the smoothest flow, advanced programmability from the keypad and yet, is very easy to use. It is also incredibly quiet so it won’t disturb your experimental subjects. REPRODUCIBILITY SYRINGE: Type Size Minimum Size Maximum FLOW RATE: Minimum Maximum NON VOLATILE MEMORY CONNECTORS: RS-232 TTL AVERAGE LINEAR FORCE: Standard High Pressure STEP RESOLUTION POWER VOLTAGE RANGE CABLE LENGTH DIMENSIONS, H x W x D WEIGHT Plastic, glass or stainless steel 0.5 µl 140 ml (30 ml for push/pull models)* 0.0001 µl/hr 220.82 ml/min Stores all settings Configurations This pump is available as a standard, push/pull, remote, high pressure, or with multi-racks. Upgrade We offer pumps that can be upgraded. If you buy an infusion/ withdrawal pump and later decide you want programmability you can upgrade it, see page 31. RJ11-4 conductor 9-pin D-Sub Connector 22.7 kg (50 lbs) 29.9 kg (66 lbs) 0.082 µm/µstep 65 W, 0.5 A fuse Universal input 100/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz 9.1 m (30 ft) for remote models only 15.9 x 22.8 x 27.9 cm (6.3 x 9 x 11 in) 4.5 kg (10 lbs) Syringe Racks The PHD 22/2000 is offered with a variety of syringe racks to meet your specific application. Multi-syringe racks provide multi-channel operation or serve as a large capacity reservoir. • The push/pull syringe pump holds 4 syringes, 2 in each direction, for syringe sizes 0.5 µl to 140 ml* *Push/Pull pump can hold syringes up to 140 ml if full stroke is not required. Larger syringes will not fully infuse or withdraw. fax 508.429.5732 Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 toll free U.S. 800.272.2775