Syringe Pumps PHD ULTRA™ Advanced Syringe Pumps FOOTSWITCH INPUT USB AND RS-232 SERIAL INPUTS RS-485 CONNECTORS Start and stop a pump SYRINGE PUMPS Control your pump with a computer Connect multiple pumps together (up to 99) Connect remote mechanism Connect satellite pumps to the Master pump for binary or ternary gradient system (% composition) RJ-11 CONNECTORS (OPTION) USER I/O CONNECTOR Direction Control input Connect multiple pumps together (daisy chain) PHD ULTRA™ Advanced Syringe Pumps Set pump to infuse or withdraw Connect and external device to start or stop a pump or Method Start and stop a pump Signal another device to start and stop a pump or Method Signal another device to start and stop a pump or Method Synchronize other devices External valve control Connect an external LED or monitoring device to a pump Analog control of the motor speed (0 to 10 V). This option must be ordered at the same time the pump is ordered. Program Description To operate the PHD ULTRA™, the user defines all the required parameters for infusing and/or withdrawing liquids through a Method. This may be a Quick Start, Pre-Programmed or User-Defined Method. The basic operation is a simple 3-step procedure: 1. Select a Method 2. Enter operating parameters 3. Preview or Run your Method Quick Start Methods are for simple infusions, withdrawals or a combination (depending on the pump model). Custom userdefined Methods can be created when a more advanced Method is required. The setup for a custom Method is easy using the standard profiles found on all Infusion/Withdrawal and Infusion/Withdrawal Programmable PHD ULTRAS. The list of available profiles are: Constant Rate Ramp Stepped Bolus Concentration Gradient Pulse Autofill Trigger Input Footswitch Input Trigger 1 Output Trigger 2 Output Sync Output Valve Output Run Indicator ANALOG CONTROL (OPTIONAL) By programming and saving custom Methods in the pump, multi-user errors are reduced. Easily transfer complex methods to other pumps and/or download methods from a PC. Forget having to duplicate method-development efforts for each new pump added to your system. In addition to the advanced pumping profiles listed above, the PHD ULTRA™ contains a variety of advanced options allowing the user to repeat steps, link methods, control valves, external triggers etc. USER I/O CONNECTOR ANALOG CONTROL CONNECTOR (optional) Advanced Programming Features Flow Programming: Change the flow with time, volume or a triggered event as many times as you like. Bolus: Inject a large volume of drug (or drugs) at once. The bolus injection can be made in time or volume. Concentration Delivery: Calibrate flow in concentration units of mg/kg easily so flow is calibrated to concentration of drug and animal weight. Gradients: EZ PRO software allows you to easily program gradients, continuous or stepped. % Ratio: Up to three solvents. I/O: Dedicated and user defined I/O. Pulsed Flow: So you can program the pulse easily. Advanced Connectivity All PHD ULTRA™ Syringe Pumps come standard with a footswitch, USB, RS-232, RS-485 and I/O connectors. There is also an option for RJ-11 connectors and analog control. These options have to be ordered at the time the pump is ordered. Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 (for pump-to-pump communication) RS-485 CONNECTORS (for communication from PC) RS-232 SERIAL CONNECTOR (for communication from PC) USB SERIAL INPUT (switch sold separately) fax 508.429.5732 FOOTSWITCH INPUT toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 21