Syringe Pumps PHD ULTRA™ Advanced Syringe Pumps SYRINGE PUMPS PHD ULTRA™ Advanced Syringe Pumps KEY FEATURES Superior drive mechanism for unmatched smooth flow, accuracy and precision For operation at pl/min to ml/min flow rates Easily program simple to complex methods without a PC Alphanumeric keypad for easy Method naming and recall Real and relative time clocks Intuitive touch screen and icon interface Vertical or horizontal orientation Adjustable linear force to 75 lbs Multi-syringe racks for multi-channel operation or large capacity reservoir Legendary reliability – 2 year warranty PHD ULTRA™ The PHD ULTRA™ is the solution for your most demanding fluidics applications. This pump represents the latest technology in syringe pumps and was developed utilizing the feedback of the world’s largest population of syringe pump users. The PHD ULTRA™ will change the way you think about syringe pumps. There are three major reasons the PHD ULTRA™ is the new standard for syringe pumps: 1. Superior mechanical drive mechanism and syringe holding mechanics to achieve the highest performance of any syringe pump. 2. EZ PRO Software and user interface allow easy programming of Methods from simple to complex, all without the use of a PC. – Preprogrammed Methods for simple to complex operations that allow you to be up and running with the touch of a button. – LCD, high resolution color touch screen for powerful functionality, yet very easy to use. 3. Levels of Versatility a. Configurations: Standard, push-pull, remote, high pressure, multi-racks. b. Connectivity: For USB or RS-232 computer control; RS-485 or optional RJ-11 for daisy chain (control multiple pumps). c. Orientation: Horizontal or vertical orientation to optimize bench space or to minimize tubing. Since 1901 Harvard Apparatus has been supporting bioresearch fluidics requirements beginning with the introduction of the first commercial syringe pump for bioresearch in 1956. Since 1956, over 70,000 satisfied syringe pump users around the world have made Harvard Apparatus syringe pumps the world’s #1 choice. The PHD ULTRA™ Syringe Pump series is a family of high-accuracy, easy to use, rugged pumps designed for versatile applications including mass spectrometry calibration, drug and nutritional studies, microdialysis, dispensing, chromatography, LC/HPLC and more. toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 fax 508.429.5732 APPLICATIONS Microfluidics Drug/Nutritional Delivery Electrospinning Reaction Chamber Addition Mass Spec Calibration Feeding Cells Low Pressure Chromatography Continuous Flow Flow Programming Gradients % Composition Step Changes Large Flow Deliveries I/O Interactive Experiments Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 19