Harvard Peristaltic Pump Series of Peristaltic Pumps ● First Peristaltic Pump with a Touch Screen Controller ● Simple to Use ● Accurate Delivery ±1.0% ● Unmatched Versatility: - Pump Controller - Interchangeable Motor Pump Heads ● Widest Flow Rate Range in a Peristaltic Pump - P-70 - 0.001 to 70 ml/min - P-230 - 0.001 to 230 ml/min - P-1500 - 0.001 to 1,500 ml/min Harvard Apparatus is known globally for creating the most advanced syringe pumps in the market. We are now excited to offer the Harvard Peristaltic Pump. This new Peristaltic Pump Series is built with the legendary quality and reliability that is synonymous with Harvard Apparatus. Its flexibility and accuracy opens up a wide range of new application areas for both new and existing Harvard Apparatus customers. Please see page 62-63 for complete details. PHD ULTRA™ Series of Syringe Pumps The PHD ULTRA™ Series is the solution for your most demanding fluidics applications. We are proud to announce the newest member of the family, the NEW PHD ULTRA™ CP. This pump delivers fluid at constant pressure. The PHD™ ULTRA pumps have unmatched flow accuracy and precision. The new LCD color touch screen and intuitive icon interface provide unparalleled ease of use so you can easily program simple to complex methods without a PC. Please see pages 16 to 25 for the entire PHD ULTRA™ family of pumps. Pump 11 Elite/Pico Plus Elite Series of Syringe Pumps The Pump 11 Elite Series expands its capabilities to satisfy your experimental requirements. These compact syringe pumps carry on the tradition as the premier workhorse infusion pump. They offer outstanding flow performance and unparalleled ease of use with a high resolution color touch screen and intuitive icon interface. The Pump 11 Elite Series allows you to create simple to complex methods without a PC. Now with glucose clamp capability. Please see page 11-15 for complete details. Note: Products in this catalog are for Research Use Only. Not for use on humans unless proper investigational device regulations have been followed.