Syringe Pumps PHD ULTRA™ CP Constant Pressure Syringe Pump SYRINGE PUMPS PHD ULTRA™ Constant Pressure Syringe Pump Our user-friendly touch screen interface allows for simple control of either constant pressure or constant flow-based applications. PC4 88-3015 PHD ULTRA™ CP Infusion/Withdrawal Programmable KEY FEATURES Enables continuous pressure-controlled infusion Use in constant flow or constant pressure mode Enhances safety for sensitive infusion targets and physiological experimentation Compatible with a wide range of pressure transducers Automatically adjusts flow rate to maintain constant pressure PC Datalog Application with real-tme parameter plotting Legendary Reliability - 2 year warranty Superior Functionality Using Harvard Apparatus syringe pump technology and software controlled pressure monitoring, the PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump is able to maintain a user-defined system pressure ±2% once the steady state pressure value has been achieved. A user-adjustable sensitivity setting allows for the customization of the system response time necessary to attain the set pressure. The PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump allows the user to set pressures in the units of their choice including mmHg, kPa, and psi. Pressure & Flow Rate Data Data can be monitored via RS-232 from the PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump to a PC. In practice, the 0-10 V analog output of a pressure transducer amplifier is connected to the analog input on the rear panel of the pump. The amplifier or signal conditioner can be provided by the customer, or accomplished with various transducers and amplifiers available from Harvard Apparatus, see pages 42 to 45. The pressure range may be scaled to fit the available transducer voltage output for systems that output less than 10 V. While in constant pressure mode, in addition to the set and actual pressure, the pump displays the flow rate. This data may be output for further analysis with a variety of data acquisition packages. APPLICATIONS Short-term organ perfusion studies that require the maintenance of physiologic conditions Introduction of chemical reactants in a controlled manner Ocular injections and perfusions Small animal whole-body perfusions Constant pressure microfluidic mixing Administration of genetic material into organs without viral vectors Accuracy & Reproducibility In addition to constant pressure mode, the PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump may also be used in flow mode with its world renowned accuracy and reproducibility. All PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pumps are infusion/withdrawal programmable models. When used in flow mode, these offer programmable features such as method storage and flow programming functions to allow the user to create simple to complex methods (see page 19). The PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump is available in a variety of configurations to suit the desired pressure or flow rate ranges. Constant Pressure Syringe Pump Technology Breakthrough The PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump is the first of its kind to allow operation under constant pressure or constant flow. Historically, the only means available to dispense at constant pressure has involved the use of various amplifiers and other accessories/software. The PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump, when combined with virtually any commercially available pressure transducer/amplifier combination with 0-10 V DC analog output, results in a constant pressure dispensing system. This system can deliver fluids with an applied force up to 1,000 lbs (depending upon the pump). Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 fax 508.429.5732 17