Syringe Pumps Pump 11 Elite SYRINGE PUMPS Pump 11 Elite The Pump 11 Elite Series is available in Infusion Only or Infusion/ Withdrawal Programmable Models with single or dual syringe racks. All Pump 11 Elite syringe pumps have a footswitch input and USB serial port for computer control. The Infusion/Withdrawal Programmable models also have RS-485 (or optional RJ-11) ports for daisy chaining pumps and Digital I/O for external control via an independent computer or device (see page 13 for more information on connectivity). Since 1901 Harvard Apparatus has been supporting bioresearch fluidics requirements with a key milestone being the introduction of the first commercial syringe pump for bioresearch in 1956. Since 1956, over 70,000 satisfied syringe pump users around the world have made Harvard Apparatus syringe pumps the worlds #1 choice. The Pump 11 Elite Series is a family of accurate, low flow syringe pumps designed for use in applications including: mass spec calibration, drug and nutritional studies, reactor dosing, electrospinning and more. KEY FEATURES Easy-to-use touch screen and icon interface Outstanding flow performance Easily run simple to complex methods without a PC Alphanumeric keypad for easy Method naming and recall Adjustable linear force up to 35 lbs Upgrade new versions of software remotely Legendary reliability – 2 year warranty APPLICATIONS Microfluidics Drug/Nutritional Delivery Microdialysis Emulsification Bioreactors Electrospinning Mass Spectrometry The Pump 11 Elite Series of syringe pumps expands its capabilities to satisfy your experimental requirements. These compact syringe pumps carry on the tradition as the premier workhorse infusion pump, offering unparalleled ease of use with a high resolution color touch screen with intuitive icon interface. The Pump 11 Elite Series allows you to create, save and run simple to complex methods without a PC. Easy-to-Use Interface The Pump 11 Elite Syringe Pumps are very easy to use with an LCD color touch screen and icon interface. The Message Area of the touch screen is used to display helpful instructions for the currently displayed screen. It is also used to display error or warning messages to indicate problem conditions in a Method or error conditions during pump operation. The Run Screen shows all of the pump parameters on one screen for easy review. The software is organized into three main navigational branches, the quick start Methods, user-defined Methods, and system settings. You can control operations directly through the touch screen or remotely from an independent computer or device via the external I/O interface. Superior Performance These syringe pumps have a new mechanism that includes a tight gripping, very secure syringe clamp for syringes ranging from 0.5 µl to 60 ml (single syringe) and 0.5 µl to 10 ml (dual syringe). The Pump 11 Elite Series offers enhanced flow performance with high accuracy and smooth flow from 1.26 pl/min to 88.40 ml/min (26.02 ml/min for dual syringe rack). Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 fax 508.429.5732 11