Syringe Pumps Application Selection Guide Microfluidics The PHD series and Pump 11 Elite series pumps have the performance and flow stability required in micro and nanofluidics. These pumps can be used to mix flow streams and/or create multiple parallel flow streams. Another option is the NanoLeader pressure pump that can push and/or pull fluids using positive or negative air pressure, creating the smoothest flow possible. ULTRA™ Nano/Micro Liquid Chromatography The advanced programming capabilities of the PHD ULTRA™ and the Pump 11 Elite Syringe Pumps allow for the easy generation of binary or ternary gradients at flow rates ranging from 100 nl/min to 1.0 ml/min at pressures up to 7,500 PSI. Depending on the number of syringes used, up to one liter of mobile phase may be delivered from each pump used. SYRINGE PUMPS Application Selection Guide 10 Microfluidics References Spiropyran modified micro-fluidic chip channels as photonically controlled self-indicating system for metal ion accumulation and release, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B: CHEMICAL, Volume 140, Issue 1, 18 June 2009, Pages 295-303 Microfluidic high-throughput encapsulation and hydrodynamic self-sorting of single cells, PNAS, March 4, 2008 vol. 105 no. 9 3191-3196 In vitro analysis of a hepatic device with intrinsic microvascular-based channels, BIOMEDICAL MICRODEVICES Volume 10, Number 6, 795-805 Plasmonic Nanoholes in a Multichannel Microarray Format for Parallel Kinetic Assays and Differential Sensing, ANAL. CHEM., 2009, 81 (8), pp 2854–2859 Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 fax 508.429.5732