C O N N EC TOR S & V A L V E S ML, MM, MP and MPP Series Manifolds and Flow Control Hardware ML Series Multi-in or multi-out manifolds for fluid management Harvard Apparatus manifolds can be used in any application where from 2 to 8 perfusion lines are required to be connected to a chamber or other device. Manifold inputs converge to the common output with minimum dead space. Designed for use with polyethylene (PE) tubing, manifolds can be used with any other tubing of similar dimensions. When connected to a chamber via a short length of tubing, very rapid solution changes are possible. CONNECTORS & VALVES MM Series ML and MM Series These miniature manifolds are useful for applications involving small volumes or slow flow rates. Small diameter tubing is used with these models; PE-50 tubing for the input ports, and PE-10 or PE-50 tubing for the MM or ML series output ports, respectively. ML, MM, MP and MPP Series MP Series MP series manifolds are recommended low pressure (< 25 psi) systems. Input and output tubing are inserted with a friction fit. Manifolds should be ordered with inputs to match the number of solutions to be connected. Pin plugs to block unused inputs are also supplied. MP series manifolds are used with PE-160 tubing. MP Series MPP Series These manifolds are suitable for systems in which solutions are pumped or at pressures < 25 psi. Input and output ports are 18 gauge stainless steel hypodermic tubing. PE-160 tubing slides over these ports to make a snug fit. MPP Series MPP-24 Order # PC4 64-0200 PC4 64-0201 PC4 64-0202 PC4 64-0199 PC4 64-0203 PC4 64-0204 PC4 64-0205 PC4 64-0206 Model ML-2 ML-4 ML-6 ML-8 MM-2 MM-4 MM-6 MP-2 MP-3 MP-4 MP-5 MP-6 MP-8 MPP-2 MPP-3 MPP-4 MPP-5 MPP-6 MPP-8 MPP-24 Product Miniature Manifold, 2 ports Miniature Manifold, 4 ports Miniature Manifold, 6 ports Miniature Manifold, 8 ports Miniature Manifold, 2 ports Miniature Manifold, 4 ports Miniature Manifold, 6 ports MP Manifold, 2 ports MP Manifold, 3 ports MP Manifold, 4 ports MP Manifold, 5 ports MP Manifold, 6 ports MP Manifold, 8 ports MPP Manifold, 2 ports MPP Manifold, 3 ports MPP Manifold, 4 ports MPP Manifold, 5 ports MPP Manifold, 6 ports MPP Manifold, 8 ports MPP Manifold, 24 ports Output PC4 64-0207 PC4 64-0208 PC4 64-0209 PC4 64-0210 Inputs ML, MM, MP and MPP Series Material and Size Chart ML Series MATERIAL LARGE DIAMETER SMALL DIAMETER BODY LENGTH INPUT TUBING OUTPUT TUBING Delrin™ 8.0 mm 4.7 mm 18 mm PE-50 PE-50 MM Series Delrin™ 8.0 mm 4.7 mm 18 mm PE-50 PE-10 MP Series PTFE 9.4 mm 6.3 mm 22 mm PE-160 PE-160 MPP Series Delrin™ 9.4 mm 4.7 mm 21 mm PE-160 PE-160 PC4 64-0211 PC4 64-0212 PC4 64-0213 PC4 64-0214 PC4 64-0215 PC4 64-0216 PC4 64-0217 PC4 64-0339 All manifolds can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 fax 508.429.5732 www.harvardapparatus.com 109