C O N N EC TOR S & V A L V E S Kits and Valves Flow Control Pinch Valves Flow Control Pinch Valves Tubing Clamp Kits PC4 72-1668 CONNECTORS & VALVES Kits and Valves The Flow Control Pinch Valves work with tubing from 5/32 inch OD to 3/8 inch OD. The micrometer dial offers easy resetting of clamping distance. These valves are made of Delrin® and Acetal. Order # PC4 72-2694 PC4 72-8140 Clamp Size Tubing Clamp Range Small Medium 5/32 to 1/4 in OD Tubing 5/32 to 3/8 in OD Tubing The clamps in the Tubing Clamp Kit feature a simple-to-use ratcheting design which provides positive and secure clamping of tubing to barbed and non-barbed connectors. Thirteen different clamps provide clamping for tubing sizes from 1/16 inch OD to 1.5 inches OD. This kit is supplied in a convenient box containing 5 of each clamp size. Order # PC4 72-1668 Product Tubing Clamp Kit Harvard Apparatus phone 508.893.8999 toll free U.S. 800.272.2775 fax 508.429.5732 www.harvardapparatus.com 105