GLP Client and Server

GLP Client and Server

GLP Client and Server

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
77-0017 GLP Server Version 6, Model MLS335/6
77-0016 GLP Client Version 6, Model MLS330/6
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• Securely signed data files to avoid tampering

• A non-editable audit trail recording file operations

• Preservation of raw data

• Single file containing data and audit trail

• Exportable and printable audit trail

• Visual indication of file validity

• Date and time stamping

The GLP Client Version 6 and the GLP Server software Version 6 provide PowerLab users with an easy and reliable data acquisition solution for a GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment. The GLP software is only available for LabChart for Windows (not LabChart for Macintosh). The MLS330/6 GLP Client provides the user interface, audit trail and signing components required to meet Laboratory GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The ML335/6 GLP Server software provides a centralized way to authorize the signing of LabChart files as well as a means to check the validity of the signatures. It determines which users are permitted to create, modify or sign GLP documents.

GLP Server provides:

• Users with authority to sign files upon saving

• Verification of signature validity when files are opened

• Access to remote configuration

• License for an unlimited numbers of users

• The option to merge authorization lists from many sites with "drag and drop" capability

• Extensive and customizable logging

• Underlying configuration file suitable for scripting and automating batch processing tasks

Installation, Training and Calibration:

ADInstruments offers a periodic calibration service for your PowerLab data acquisition unit to confirm the system is working within specifications. Calibration can be organized to match your GLP requirements. An installation service as well as formal training and user certification are also available.

MLS330/6 GLP Client and the GLP MLS335/6 Server are supplied individually. One GLP Client is required per one PowerLab system. Typically Server software is required for a network.

Please Note: The ADInstruments GLP Client is dependent on the version number of the LabChart software. That is the first two digits of the GLP Client and LabChart should be identical (i.e. GLP 5.2 will operate with LabChart 5.2.x, and will not operate with LabChart 5.1.x). Before updating software laboratories should check their standard operating procedures. For information on updating your current versions of GLP Client, Server or LabChart please contact you local ADInstruments representative.
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