FISO-LS Signal Conditioners and Chassis

FISO-LS Signal Conditioners and Chassis

Unique electronics in conjunction with fiber optics produces accurate pressure data at high speed, making instantaneous pressure change analysis possible.

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
75-0713 FISO-LS Catheter Extension Cable and Remote Connect Adapter, 3 meters
75-0703 FISO FPI-HR-2 Signal Conditioner, Dual Channel, 125 Hz Analog Output
75-0702 FISO FPI-HR-1 Signal Conditioner, Single Channel, 250 Hz Analog Output
75-0704 FISO FPI-LS Signal Conditioner, Single Channel, 15 KHz Analog Output
75-0701 FISO Evolution Series EVO-5 CHASSIS for Mounting up to 5 FISO Signal Conditioners
75-0700 FISO Evolution Series EVO-2 CHASSIS for Mounting up to 2 FISO Signal Conditioners
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Unique electronics in conjunction with fiber optics produces accurate pressure data at high speed, making instantaneous pressure change analysis possible.

• The Evolution Chassis is modular, able to hold only the number of signal conditioners you require Add more at any time up to the capacity of the chassis.
• The data sampling rate of up to 15 kHz offers the ability to accurately detect fast–changing pressure signals, such as that from mouse heart. Visualize the dichrotic notch with ease!
• All sensors are pre–calibrated at the factory and the transducer's calibration information is stored in a smart chip directly on the optical connector. The information is automatically read into the Evolution Software and downloaded to the FPI signal conditioner. No further recalibration is needed — simply zero the transducer.
• Data is either transferred into the computer via USB to the Evolution acquisition software (at up to 5 kHz) or via the analog output (up to 15 kHz) to an independent data acquisition system.

The FISO Series Signal Conditioners and EVO Chassis are required for the use of any of the FISO and FISO–LS series fiber optic sensing catheters.

The EVO Chassis provides the power to the signal conditioner modules as well as the digital interface for data transfer between the signal conditioners and the Evolution Software. The EVO Chassis (2 and 5 channel version) includes the Power/Interface module, Evolution data acquisition and instrument control software, USB cable, power supply, and module removal tool. The Power Supply/Interface module has a USB2.0 output and includes the Evolution software. The 2–Channel chassis can house up to 2 FPI signal conditioning modules, while the 5–channel can house up to 5. Chassis do not need to be filled to capacity for use.

All FISO Signal Conditioners have RS–232/RS–485 Digital Output onboard as well as a 0 to 5 V analog output. An analog output cable is supplied with a BNC connector to interface with common data acquistion systems. The FPI–HR series conditioners are compatible with the fiber optic temperature catheters. The FPI–LS series conditioners are compatible with the FISO–LS pressure catheters. The technique used internally to transmit and receive the light signal allows for continuous sensing that does not rely on light pulses. Since no light is pulsed there is no need for a minimum catheter length as with previous fiber optic sensors. A built–in fan keeps the signal conditioners from overheating or burning out the unit — no special foot stand required.

The Catheter Extension Cable allows for the remote connection of the sensor 3 meters from the EVO Chassis/Signal Conditioner.

The FISO Fiber Optic Sensing Systems are primarily designed to be used in life science research.

Analog Output FrequencyOne Ch Use Up to 250 Hz, Two Ch Use Up to 125 HzUp to 250 HzUp to 15 kHz
Length3 meters
Operating Temperature Metric10°C to 50°C10°C to 50°C10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature Metric–20°C to 70°C–20°C to 70°C–20°C to 70°C
Supply Voltage24VDC 70W24VDC 70W
Transducer CompatibilityLS-Series Transducers Only