Culture Dish Incubation System

Culture Dish Incubation System

Culture Dish Incubation System

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• Designed for glass bottom 35 mm dishes

• Permits imaging, temperature and gas environment control

• Compatible with Corning and Falcon dishes and Willco Wells.

• Unique dish clamps allow easy cell access

• Compatible with RC-37 cell culture dish perfusion chamber insert.
The introduction of glass bottomed 35 mm culture dishes extended their use into areas such as confocal microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, and high resolution image analysis. The DH-35i Culture Dish Incubator is a system designed for imaging live cells in an open culture dish for easy access or in a closed dish for gas atmosphere control.

DH-35i Incubators work well with Willco Wells, Corning and Falcon glass bottom 35 mm culture dishes. Adapter rings are supplied to ensure a close fit for the supported dish. Dishes can be placed in the holder with or without dish covers.

The holder is machined in three pieces. The midsection and top are easily removed for dish replacement and enables the positioning of electrodes at low angles. Resistive heating of the DH-35i is provided via the optional Warner TC-324B Temperature Controller and a CC-28 cable. Clamps are provided to ensure good contact between the dish and the heated surface and to prevent unwanted movement. The removable midsection is magnetically secured and has several ports to allow multi-channel perfusion, atmospheric maintenance, and aspiration of the dish. The base of the holder has a 19 mm aperture and the removable cover features a 36 mm glass aperture.

When combined with the Warner RC-37 Cell Culture Perfusion Chamber Insert, a complete micro-environmental system is achieved. This system is compatible with Warner’s SH-27B and SF-28 In-line Solution Heaters. Included with the system are an MP-2 Perfusion Manifold and a set of 4 culture dish adapter rings.

Stage adapters are available for all major microscopes. Custom or modified stage adapters are also available; call our technical support department for details.