Automatic Oscillating Tissue Slicers

Automatic Oscillating Tissue Slicers

• Slice thickness set in 10 µm increments on thumbwheel: push button advance; digital display status
• New ultra light blade oscillation mechanism mounted on heavily reinforced chassis minimizes vibration
• Linear cutting blade motion to 4000 CPM
• Blade mechanism above bath simplifies maintenance; easy to clean, removable tray
• Motorized variable speed specimen advance; momentary or continuous modes
• Auto-sectioning controls permit consecutive sections to be cut automatically
• Available with integral refrigeration system
• Pure white, high intensity halogen lamp with fiber optic light pipes and diffusing lens
• Blade activation can be achieved through 2-position toggle switch for continuous cutting action or with removable foot pedal
• Mounting of specimen can be done directly on unique tissue pedestal with option of using pivot pin or just setting pedestal flat on bottom of tray on 90° angle. In addition, sample vice holder (with pivot pin) can be attached to tray and mounting blocks when used (see Diagram 3). Both devices come standard with unit.
• Adjustable blade angle indicator is built into arm of unit
• X2 magnifying lens (4 in. D) included
• Optional glass knife holder is available to hold 6.4 x 25 mm glass knives

Item# Description U.S. List Price Quantity
69-0257 Replacement Adhesive, pkg. of 5
69-0256 Replacement Tissue Pedestal for Large Tray
69-0255 Replacement Tissue Pedestal for Standard Tray
69-0254 Replacement General Purpose Razor Blades, pkg. of 25
69-0253 Replacement Bulb
69-0262 Slicer Kit; Assists when using Oscillating Tissue Slicer; Kit includes Sable Brush, Parafilm 4 x 250 ft, Quick Bond (pkg. of 5 Tubes), Kimwipes, pair of Tweezers (#5, #6, #7), Fontax, Specimen Forceps (4 and 6 in.), Six 8 ml Sample Specimen Bottles with
69-0260 Histology Glass Knife Strips, 6.4 x 25 x 400 mm (0.25 x 1 x 15.75 in), pkg. of 30
69-0259 Large Media Tray with Pedestal, 95 x 25 x 73 mm (3.7 x 1 x 2.9 in) (Internal Dimensions)
69-0258 Glass Knife Holder, Allows Reproducibly Cut Fresh (10 µm Sections) and Fixed Tissues; Attaches Directly to Unit and Accommodates 6.4 x 25 mm (0.25 x 1 in) Glass Knives
69-0252 Refrigeration Retrofit
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• Automated functions dramatically reduce preparation time by eliminating the need for embedding or freezing your sample

• Eliminates the risk of distortion and artifacts associated with embedding and freezing

• Provides consistent slices as thin as 10 µm

• Optional built-in refrigeration maintains temperature during slicing for maximum tissue life
This EMS 4000 Oscillating Tissue Slicer represents the solution to sectioning either fixed or fresh tissue. No longer is there a need for embedding or freezing your sample, so preparation time is dramatically reduced. The risk of distortion and artifacts, normally associated with these procedures, are eliminated.

This tissue slicer has an ultra light blade mechanism, which is mounted on a heavy reinforced chassis reducing any effects from vibration. For exacting precision, EMS 4000 has a thumb-wheel switch to select the thickness as well as automatic control circuitry so that consecutive sections may be cut easily and rapidly. The unit also features motorized control of the blade height and a complete digital display of the total cutting excursion. The blade speed and the motorized specimen advance controls are precisely controlled by a variable speed adjustment. The blade advance may be set to either a continuous mode or a momentary advance toggle switch. The specimen-collecting tray is removable and easy to clean. All controls may be set with one hand and there are options for manual or automatic cutting of pre-selected cutting thicknesses. The optional refrigeration unit will maintain the tray temperature near 0°C during the sectioning process to offer maximum tissue life and best cutting consistency. A tap water flow of 250 ml per minute is required during operation. The solution in the tray is cooled directly so there is no vibration associated with the cooling aspect of the unit.

The unit comes complete with a 20 watt halogen white light lamp with dual fiber optic light pipes and diffusion lens, a magnifying lens mounted on flexible goosenecks and a media tray with a clear front tray panel to allow for maximum sample exposure. As well, complete with the unit comes a tissue pedestal, specimen vice holder, and specimen blocks. The media tray, which measures 95 x 25 x 48 mm (larger size available as an option) requires minimal amount of buffer and is made from a single block of Delrin. The tissue pedestal, with pivotal pin, allows you to mount your specimen directly to the pedestal, with pivotal pin. This allows you to mount your specimen directly to the pedestal and change the angle of your specimen relative to the blade, hence offering you perfect specimen orientation. The sample vice holder (with pivotal pin) allows you to adhere your specimen directly to a mounting block. A glass knife holder is available as an option for the mounting and cutting with glass knives. The EMS 4000 meets the highest standards for precision and accuracy and it matches the performance of units on the market costing twice as much.
Blade Advance: Forward Speed        
Blade Advance: Reverse Speed        
Blade Advance: Travel        
Blade Angle        
Blade Height Adjustment        
Blade Oscillation Amplitude        
Blade Speed        
Depth English    15.752.9  
Depth Metric    10073  
Height English    0.253.7  
Height Metric    6.495  
Slice Thickness Settings        
Specimen Size        
Temperature Range        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Blade Advance, Direction        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Blade Advance, Mode        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Blade Advance, Rate        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Blade Height, Reference        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Blade Height, Step        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Blade Oscillation Speed        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Blade Position, Direction        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Blade Position, Mode        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Change Direction        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Manual/Auto Mode        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Oscillating Blade Motion        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Power        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Refrigeration        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Slice Thickness        
Tissue Slicer Controls: Temperature Set        
Weight English        
Weight Metric        
Width English    11  
Width Metric    25.025.0  
Working Space Depth English        
Working Space Depth Metric        
Working Space Height English        
Working Space Height Metric        
Working Space Width English        
Working Space Width Metric