Ringlights and Accessories

Standard Ringlights Full Circular glass fiber ringlight provides homogeneous, shadow-free illumination for working --> Learn More
Compact Ringlights Full circular glass fiber ringlight provides homogenous, shadow-free illumination for working --> Learn More
4-Point Standard Ringlights Standard ringlight with four fiber points provides illumination with depth perception for --> Learn More
SMD/MAXI Ringlights Large full circular diameter glass fiber ringlight that provides homogenous, shadow-free --> Learn More
Ergo/Olympus SZ/SD Ringlights Tapered ringlight for direct mounting on Olympus SZ/SD Microscopes with minimum loss of working --> Learn More
Dome Illuminator Ringlights Specialized ringlight with large, full-circular diffuse ring for darkfield illumination at the --> Learn More
Ringlight Diffuser Reduces unwanted reflections of highly reflecting materials such as tissue and metallic objects. --> Learn More
Ringlight Adapters Used with Standard/Compact and 4-Point Standard Ringlights for attachment to all brand --> Learn More

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