Cellular Biology

Spill Detection System Warner Instruments is pleased to introduce a new product designed to detect leaks on your --> Learn More
Premium Capillary Theta Glass Warner capillary glass is known worldwide for its consistent high quality. The glass is --> Learn More
Pipette Sterilization and Storage Containers This container is a convenient and easy to use pipette storage container. It is ideal for both --> Learn More
Tubing for Valve Control Perfusion Systems Perfusion Valve Control Warner perfusion valve control systems are uncomplicated and easy --> Learn More
Drip Chambers for Valve Control Perfusion Systems Model DC-6 Drip Chambers, pkg. of 6. Used to visually observe the speed of perfusate. Learn More
Standard Vertical Ussing/Diffusion Chambers These chambers are designed in three formats for work with excised tissue segments. Tissue is --> Learn More
Glass Fiber Backlights Glass fiber backlights provide homogeneous, diffuse illumination. Glass fiber used is extremely --> Learn More
Bright/Darkfield Bases This is a low-cost, intense, contrast-rich trans-mitted light Bright/Darkfield Base used with --> Learn More
White Light Source The Intralux IWL-500e is a low-cost 50 watt metal halide light source which boasts over 5500°K --> Learn More
DC Regulated Light Source The Intralux DC 1100 is a high-end voltage regulated light source with digital RS 232 interface --> Learn More

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